Why Active Money Management?

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money-bigWe are in historic uncharted waters, ultra low interest rates, forced stimulation by the Fed, a continued wind down of toxic mortgage rate securities and a European volcano that is making everyone stop and take pause.

It will take years if not decades to unravel the complex and unstable posiition in the US and Europe.  The middle class, the life blood of our economy is suffering.  Stagnant wages, job insecurity, unemployment, underwater mortgages and depressed wages are waying heavy on investments.

Investing becomes even more challenging than it once was, and I believe buy and hold no longer works.  Active money managers are designing portfolios to fit the ever changing enviroment.  They are constantly evaluating economic data, moving from sector to sector, taking profits and constantly looking for new opportunities.  Whether it be socially responsible, faith based, green or a particular company, service, or product, an active money manager is able to identify, research, and invest in stocks that best fit your risk/reward profiles while identifing low risk entry points and maintaining a disciplined exit strategy.

I do not promote any product or firm, so this allows for objective guidance.  I am putting my clients needs and objectives first, and offering personal attention to each account.  Your calls and visits are always welcome and I encourage you to share your thoughts with me.